Friday, November 27, 2015

A Little More Progess

 I saw this card in one of the shops in St. Michaels
today and had to chuckle when I read ... busybody.
The artist 'nailed' the westie personality.
 The guys worked on Thanksgiving and finished all the posts
and today they finished up the lattice work on the bottom.  Wilson 
didn't want the 'typical' diamond shaped lattice ... he wanted
squares ... so squares he got [Lowe's had it in stock].
 The electrician worked today & he hopes to finish on Monday.
 I did happen to notice that the framing for the screen
doors seemed a little tight to me.  Wilson measured and
it was about 2" shy of the normal 36" opening.  He'll
take that up with the project supervisor on Monday.
I spent time watering the plants {I get that from my dad - that is
working in the garden} and if you look closely I started to wrap
the porch railing in white lights.  Hopefully, I'll finish the lights
on the other half of the porch on Saturday.  

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's Almost Turkey Time!

 It's almost turkey time!  We'll be driving into Baltimore to
celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents and my sister
and her family.  Mom is baking the turkey, Deb is bring 
various food items, Wilson is making corn pudding
and I picked up a Honey Baked Ham.  A feast will be had
by all which includes the westies.
The Addition 
Yes, we are making progress but it seems slow.  The electrician
ran all the wiring today for the new outdoor lights and inside
switches as well as the ceiling fans for each porch.  As you can
the guys started installing the lattice work and covering the 
treated wood columns with a white wood surround [on the left].
This gives the columns a nice finished look instead of being
painted.  The two partial privacy walls are also in place
which if you look closely you can see the plywood next to
the door [on the left] and on the right just beyond the ladder.
 Now that all the electric is run the guys can install the ceiling.
A few of the guys are working on Thanksgiving to catch up on this 
project.  Wilson is putting the pressure on to get this done.
Move Date:  Dec. 7
Good wishes to all for a lovely

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Little Update

 I mailed this quilt to Marinna who is the grand daughter
of our next door neighbors Nancy & Larry.  Marinna and
her parents live in the Pittsburgh area and will be here
for Thanksgiving but I wanted her to have the quilt
 I made this doll quilt last year and I wanted
Marinna to have it also.  She was so excited to
receive a box in the mail addressed just to her.
It may have been her very own first piece of mail.
 The tree is finished and they are still working
on the deck.  The electrical was 'run' today and
is now waiting for inspection.  One set of outdoor
lights came in the mail today and I understand the
guys may start screening in the porches on Tuesday.
 Julep and I were listening to Tony Bennett Christmas
music on the Bose system.  It's going to be a 'project'
to get the house wired for sound as well as the computers.
Not a favorite thing for Wilson to do.
 Putting up the new drapes in the master bedroom.
 We didn't like how just one set of curtains looked so we
added a second set.  You can't tell there are 4 panels hanging.
I had to order an additional set for the two single windows
on either side of the bed.  They should be here in 2 weeks.
The much anticipated doggie doors!
Wilson has been talking doggie doors since we lived in Bozman!
He is finally getting closer to his dream of providing 'private doors'
for the westies to come and go outside as they please.  We are
wondering just how long it's going to take them to get the hang
of using them.  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Deck Update

 The latest deck update.  Our neighbors are jealous!
 We actually have steps which will have small [about 4"]
outdoor lighting fixtures installed on each step for safety 
... or in other words ... better for the westies to see the creatures of the night.
 This deck is bigger than we thought.  Funny how
the house didn't seem that long until we added
the deck.  Wilson and I picked out new fixtures
to replace those nautical looking ones.  It was a toss
up between two designs that look nothing like
the ones that are currently hanging on the wall.
I'm not sure when the screening will be put up but we do have
a long list for the electrician.  Everyone is ready to move 
and we don't have the rental rented yet ... but hopefully
someone will need a rental sooner rather than later.  The
landlord will not release us from our lease early but
we figured he wouldn't anyway.  It kills me to pay
rent on an empty house but I guess that's just the
way it is.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Grooming Day

 In all the rain and nasty weather today I took the westies to
a new groomer - this time I didn't have to cross the Bay Bridge.
I would have never known about this grooming studio/pet
food store if it wasn't for a stranger who stopped us during
a walk in St. Michaels.  She lost her westie of
15 years and needed a 'westie fix' and one thing lead to
another and she mentioned Bev's Grooming in Stevensville.
Bev did an excellent job grooming the westies. I
did request she keep the coats a little longer since
we'll be heading for colder weather soon.
 I did warn Bev that Derby hates his front paws
trimmed and of course he stood there perfectly for
her making me look like an idiot.
 As if they didn't have enough activity today they
broke out in a play session after dinner.  As of this
writing they are fast asleep and I think they are out
for the count until the 11p.m. piddle call.

 Hopefully they will stay looking good for
Thanksgiving Day in Baltimore.

 Doing some super-simple 4 patch blocks out of nautical 
fabric.  I'll just tuck this away when it's done for the next
baby boy I hear about.  I'll be making a pink one also.
 I don't want to stop sewing while all this moving is
going on so I've been just working on simple patterns
that don't take a lot of brain power to make.
Sock Monkey's in Space
I was so tempted to buy this fabric which was on sale
but ... I didn't this time ... but ... I just might the next time
it goes on sale.  I still have Christmas sock monkey
fabric I still can't cut ... maybe next year.
We can actually walk out on the deck!  All the
trex decking is in place and the next step is 
the steps!  Then it will be the screening and the
inserts on the inside of the roof.  I told Wilson
he needs to order one of those propane heaters like
you see at outdoor restaurants for the dogs in the
winter ... he just looked at me sorta funny.

The new front door with storm door should be
arriving after Thanksgiving.  We are looking at new
outside house lighting for the back deck and probably
the front also.  The fireplace guy should be showing
up on Friday to place the surround around the insert.
And of course the real estate agent called and said
they want to show the rental on Friday.  Which means
cleaning up or at least organizing the boxes of stuff
that I have not transported to the new house yet.  

That's it for today ... have a good one.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The House is becoming a Home

 We started off Monday with a bang!  More lumber
was delivered, the inspector came by and approved the
framing, and the air conditioning/heating guy came by
for the winter service.  Not to mention the neighbors
are have doors replaced so they have several construction
trucks parked in front of their home.
The House is becoming a Home!
 The blinds are up on all the windows and the bed is now
the right size.  We need to hang the curtains [those that are
draped over the lower part of the bed frame].  We also hung
some pictures and a mirror over the weekend.

 I've been pulling Christmas crap stuff from the
storage unit.  This is a major project to get done so
that the house is decorated prior to move-in.

 Derby at the top of the stairs.
 This is the LAST year for this tree.  It's about
19 years old and the branches are falling apart.
We got our monies worth out of this tree
and I'm going to start looking for a pre-lite tree
now.  I'm thinking tall and narrow which
would actually look pretty in the dining room 
with a few simple glass balls.  It may be a two tree
Christmas in the new place but I'll never catch up to our
friends JoAnn & Lloyd.  I think they put up maybe
6 or 7 trees to celebrate the holiday season.
The westies are getting use to being in this house.
They are watching the guys lay the decking material.  
I'll take more decking pictures later ... now it's time
for my to get back to work.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nothing New Today

 Julep ~~ November, 2011
Facebook sent me this picture as a reminder.  
She was cute then and she's still cute now.  That's our girl!
All the above please & hurry!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Update from St. Michaels

 I was about a second late in taking this picture.  It was so cute seeing
the westies snuggled together on the chair. I betting Derby felt like he didn't
have enough space so it was time to vacate.
 The Princess
 The Prince decided to move to his space under the table.
 Three more quilts are finally finished.  This one is for Cole so 
now the box is ready to ship out to California.  Postage is a killer. 
The last box I mailed out to the grand kids with 2 quilts and
2 sets of pillowcases cost me $19.00 and that's NOT
priority mail.  No wonder the post office is in trouble. 
 I like this pattern so much I made another quilt
as you can see below.

 I really really love the colors and blocks in this quilt but
I can't keep them all.  It will be taken to it's new home
when our friends get back from their river cruise.
 Since [the above quilt] was made as the pattern size suggested
I had to make the back.  I really dislike making backings
for quilts ... meaning making them larger then the width of
fabric which is about 44" wide.  It stresses me to make sure
the back is even on both sides.
 I purchased this fabric months ago and finally decided to
cut the blocks for the Jumping Jacks quilt from the book
called "Quilts from Sweet Jane" by Sue Pfau.  I love this book
because the patterns are simple to follow & right now I need simple!
 Just arrived!  I couldn't help myself and at times
I think I need therapy on my addiction to buying
fabrics ... but this collection was on sale so
I deemed that was okay to spend the money.
Big, bright and bold colors ... this collection has all that.
 The collection was designed by Tamara Kate and it just so
happens we have a lady who lives in the neighborhood named
Tamara {no relations of course} ... so I'm thinking of making
her a quilt using some of this fabric.  Tamara walks her
rescue greyhound [named Sailor] by the house and the
westies go nuts.  Of course it's a bark-fest until they
clear the westies line of sight.
Well, that's it for today.  The deck work in still continuing.
Some wood that was delivered is bowed and needs to go back.
The new king size foot boards for the bed were delivered this
morning and everything is put together so we can check
this as 'completed' off our list.  Next Day Blinds will be
installing blinds on all the windows Saturday morning.
I'm thinking of taking Sunday off to sew.  I do better with
an occasional day of rest then pushing myself to the limit each day.