Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Looking At Samples

 Our interior designed stopped by yesterday to drop off
a few carpet samples for us to review as well as a sample
of a vinyl to consider for my massive sewing room.
Would you believe the grade of vinyl Dan picked costs more than 
the carpet?  What a shock!  It was pointed out that
since this room is above a garage carpet would be the
best option to keep it warm ... something I didn't even think
about so  vinyl is out and we now will look at a more
commercial type of carpet.  We also decided that carpeting will be the
last thing installed after the hard wood floors are re-done in mid-
September.  We are also waiting for the pricing shock of kitchen granite.  
 Color:  Sand Dune
This is a average {okay maybe a little better than average} carpet
our designed picked out for the steps and 2nd level of the house.
We think this will also be the carpet for our master bedroom.
Should we look at more?  Wilson said no because this is 'it'.
It's a simple design with simple colors so it works with
anything we put on top of it.  
 The second option ... is a 'no'.  We don't care for the stripe look.
 It's pretty hard to take a decent picture of paint samples to
show the exact color ... but this will have to do.  The Sherman
Williams West Highland White look more creamy in color
like the dorsal strip going down a westies back than a true
white.  The ceilings will be painted the typical 'ceiling white'.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Treasure Map Quilt

 I guess this chair now belongs to the westies!
 The treasure map quilt panel was so easy to make.  I think
it took me longer to quilt then to sew together!  My
chiropractor {Michael} and his fincee' {Nicole} came by the house on
Sunday afternoon to pick this up.  What a nice couple they made and 
we enjoyed getting to know them both. They loved our community and 
when the time is right for them to move I think they will seriously 
look at the homes here.  It would be perfect for them.
 The navy boat fabric would make cute pillows which I
may consider making for the 3 season room in the new place.
 Derby among fabric.
 My sister liked the table runner I previously made and asked
I make one for her to place under her sewing machine.  
I whipped this out and I will be mailing to her day.
This week we have lined up ... the hardwood floor guy to see what we can do
about those dark floors, the interior designer for misc. things,
the landscaper and his crew for clean-up, the painter to start in the garage
and I'm starting on the baking fabric {pictured in the last post} quilt
for Josie {my landscapers daughter}.  Have a good one and 
thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Westies ... And ... Some New Fabric

 Yesterday we tried a new groomer and I like what she did.
Not knowing what to expect we walked into a room with 
several dogs waiting to be groomed.  Julep and Derby were put
into a crate next to two other westies and I wish I would have
taken a picture.  I have say my westies did look far superior.
Even the groomer commented on Derby's cuteness. 
Then there was the 'resident cat' ... 
The cat goes in and out via a tiny cat door.  It can't be any more
than 6" wide x 8" tall and Julep in a state of extreme 
excitement {or extreme fear} tried to get through the cat
door.   Thank goodness I still had both of them on leashes.
I was told the door was put in 2 years ago and in all that
time no dog has paid attention to it let alone try to squeeze through.  
In a way I'm glad this happened because I was
fearful they wouldn't get the hang of using a doggie
door once it's installed in the new home.  So now ... I can
cross that off my list of things NOT to worry about.
 They both rested after the grooming ordeal and it was no wonder
with all the other dogs to bark out, the tormentor cat and all 
the energy Derby used trying to eat his way out of the metal crate.
 My sign of barking and carrying on to come.
 Spotted ... Freida being walked down the street.
 Bill lives across the street and one house over.  He's a nice guy who
takes his dog Frieda who is 15, deaf and blind for short walks.
 I didn't know Derby had a temper until we moved here.  He
gets himself so upset he grabs anything near and gives it a good
shake and does this growl sound.  His teeth ripped the fabric in
my nautical pillow which 'did' match a nautical quilt I made.
 Tail in an upright and focused position.
 Frieda encroaching on westie grass and it's a bark-fest here.
 On to sewing stuff ... the set of cases are done.
 I'm a little late in getting the material for my chiropractors 
girlfriends baby.  Maverick James is due in the next week
so I better get busy.  My chiropractor is into sailboat
races and the baby's room is in a grey color pallet so
this should blend in nicely.  All I have to do is figure
out the layout ... and the rest will be simple.

 Frank our landscaper's daughter is considering a career as 
a pastry chef so when I saw this selection of fabrics on sale
I said to myself ... why not make her a small quilt.  Even
if she goes down another career path this still will be cute.
I believe Josie is either 15 or 16 and I remember when 
she was born ... amazing how time flies!
 If I'm in the sewing room so are the westies.
 The Window Seat ... a constant source of entertainment!
 My view from my ironing board.  I wonder what
they are watching so intently?
It's a bunny ... they are watching the bunny run down the street.
This development should be re-named Bunny Landing.
There are so many rabbits here it's not funny.  For example
last night we walked over to the new house to measure the
fireplace for a new mantel and on the way back we stopped
and talked to our neighbor Larry who was walking Maggie
{the rescue lab}.  While chatting we watched 3 bunnies
chasing each other around the bushes.  It was funny to
watch bunnies in heat.  Also every night at dusk a tiny
new born bunny comes out from the bushes you see in
the picture to feed on grass.  I think we need some foxes here
to take down the bunny population.

One Finished & Another Started

I finished this quilt yesterday.  It is now pressed, photographed, and
folded neatly inside a plastic zip lock bag.  Did I mention I enjoy
working with batik fabrics?   The colors and patterns are amazing
and I may have enough fabric left to squeeze out another quilt.
 I made this quilt for the lady who spent an hour with me
at Solid Tops which is our local granite store.  We have used
them in the past and on Friday afternoon the guys will be coming
out to do a template for the replacement of the drab Corian in the new
home.  That way we can decide which 'grade' or 'level' of
granite we can afford to put in.  Also yesterday after I dropped
the westies off at the groomers {photo's later} I stopped at
the Re-Store which is run by Habitat for Humanity.  I checked
in with the coordinator and they will accept all the carpet from
the new house as well as the [drab] Corian counter tops and they will 
gladly come and pick everything up.  It's a win-win all around ... 
helping others within our community.
Table Runner
I found this pattern in a quilting magazine and decided
to give it a try.  The strips are 12-1/2" x 2-1/2" and 
there are 25 of them.  Simple, cute, and easy to make.
This will be added to my donation stash for westie rescue.
Since I purchased yards and yards of this fabric I also 
cut out a pair of standard pillowcases out of the white.
Today is a good day for sewing, grocery shopping, and cleaning.
Sister Debby will be driving to the Eastern Shore on Friday morning.
We plan to have lunch at our favorite pizza joint then onto
Hobby Lobby [in Salisbury] and on the way back home we'll
stop at the Quilt Vine in Trappe.  We may even go to Ava's for dinner.
Deb and I have no problem with having pizza for lunch and pizza for dinner.
We must have been Italian in another life!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Completed Projects

 Julep and Derby don't know it but Wednesday
will be grooming day.  I'm trying a new groomer
in hopes they get a better cut then the last one I used.  
 A changing of the guard.  One sleeps while one watches.
 This one is all mine!
 I started this pillow in Bozman and finally stitched it closed
because I want to add it to the Westie Rescue SE 
Christmas in July FB auction.  I hope it does well.
 Bunnies ... a small a baby quilt

Fairy Quilt

 This one is a favorite made with the little vintage westie
fabric I had leftover from another quilt.  

I feel this quilt would look adorable hanging from a wall in
a baby room.  It was easy and fun to make.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Inspecting The New House or Getting The 'Westie Seal of Approval'

Derby & the front door rug.
This morning we met our landscaper Frank at 10am.  Frank's crew
worked on our Bozman property so it's was only natural
we have him work on our new St. Michaels property.  The only
thing we can do now is clean up the beds and put down a little
mulch.  We need to check if 'approval' for what we would
like to do to the landscape is required.
"Let the vacuuming begin"
After Frank left I vacuum the entire house from top to bottom because
I wanted to walk the westies over for their 'seal of approval'.
Being so excited they didn't know what direction
or what room to check out first.  It was funny to watch. 
 This is the breakfast nook and Julep is headed into
the mud/laundry room with Derby following.  We are
going to try and fit in a doggie door for them to go
out onto the screened in porch.  

 Making the loop from the kitchen to the dining room
and into the hallway.  Boy, did they have fun!
 The master bedroom with vacuumed carpet.  
Did I mention I hate this carpet?  It's cheap and
thick and it about killed by arm pulling the vacuum back
and forth through the pile.  We would like to add the 3 season room
which would be accessed through the existing french door.
 We will be replacing the fireplace mantel set.  It's not the
right scale for the room and our interior designer agrees.
Wilson found a company on line that had a nice selection
of mantels with side accent pieces but before we order
we need to talk to the contractor because he will have to
put it together.
 Hey Julep ... I'm up here!
 I'm surprised I got some decent pictures because
the westies were movin' fast throughout the house.
I do believe they have given their new home the
That's it for now ...  wishing everyone a nice 
weekend ahead.