Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Westies ... Two Baths!

 Julep is showing her displeasure after her bath but I
know she must feel better than before.
 It's almost time for the westies to be professionally groomed again. 
 I chase Derby all over the house trying to get him to
give him his bath.  I have to admit he's not that bright
when it comes to hiding.  He'll run upstairs and sit
on the table and look at the window.  I then have to
carry his little butt downstairs to the sink.
 ... and that's the way it is every single time!
 I'm not sure who is worse ... Julep or Derby in the sink.
By the time they're both done I'm just as wet.
 Can you tell she's mad at me?  But she's really going
to get mad when I brush her teeth, clean her ears, trim
the fur between the pads of her feet, do her nails,
 and blow dry and brush out her coat.  
 Clean westies = treat time.
 Let me out of this torture chamber.
 Doing the finally dry off in the sun on the deck.

Have a great day and thanks for checking in.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

On The Eastern Shore of Maryland

 This is a first ... seeing a owl in daylight on our property.
 This is another first. After living on the eastern shore for
over 16 years this is the first time we've seen a herd of this many
deer in a field.  We turned around so I could take picture but they
were not happy about this and proceeded to scamper deep into the woods. 
 I wished I had my longer camera lens with me.  Amazing
the amount of deer with big racks.

The driveway turn-a-round to take the deer pictures
Who knew we had an Icelandic sheep farm on our road.
I meet Leslie for lunch at Ava's after she dropped off
her 3 westies for grooming in Easton.  It was so beautiful we
ate outside on the patio deck.
 Ava's pizza ... yummy yummy.
A little shopping after lunch.

 Leslie, her husband, and the 3 westies were leaving the
next morning in their motor home for Ohio.
Leslie's [brother] Gary Sheldon http://www.gsheldon.com/ is
 the artistic direction of the Lancaster Music Festival
which is a pretty big deal. 
 Black Eyed Susan ... the Maryland state flower.
 Last weekend the St. Michaels harbour was busy which was
nice to see.  I think all the boat slips were taken.

 Dinner at the Crab Claw.
 Laura ordered two large crabs at almost $9 per crab.

Have a nice Sunday.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fairy Quilts

 Don't worry Julep I have more fairy fabric tucked away in the attic.
 I just need to find a complimentary pattern for the
fabric I have left in my stash.
 The little girl [in me] loves fairy fabric.
 The pictures you see here (and below) took me a solid 4 days worth
of work - no kidding!  I was asked [at our last Guild meeting] to
be part of the YMCA's Sewing Camp program - Session #3.
This is the American Girl Doll Session so of course I was
a natural to be part of this program.
 I wanted something interesting to display all the doll cloths on 
 ... so I decided this quilt collection is a nice way to introduce
them to quilts and the art of quilting.   The quilt [above] is just the
right size for a little girl's bed while the quilt [below] fits a doll bed.

 I added a fairy pocket on the back of the doll quilt.  
It could also be used to store the dolls night gown.
 A matching pillow for the doll bed.
 I want to impart to the girls taking the sewing camp
class that sewing is fun and creative.
Right now the they are expecting 12 girls in this class.
My next sewing project is to go through my AG patterns and
pick a few new ones and make some clothes for the class.
I have until July 24th to get all this done.
... Have a great day & thank you for stopping by for a visit ...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We can play with fabric also!

 Derby checking the Bernina or maybe he thinks the bag of
missing PetSmart treats is hiding there (we still haven't found them).
 Most months our quilting guild has a 'free' table for various stuff.
This ranges from fabrics to anything that belongs in a sewing room.
 Members get to pass on what they don't need anymore instead
of tossing it away.  This is a brillant idea!
 I got a nice stack of fabric at this last meeting.  This stack that Derby
is standing on was once nicely organized.   I had every piece of
fabric pressed and in a nice stack ready to be cut into various size blocks
... that is until Derby found them and started doing his thing.
 I don't know what he smells but he sure does like it.  
He goes nuts and just sniffs and sniffs. 
 This fabric has been sitting here for 6 days and he's still
sniffing it like it's the first time.  I finally got tired of him 
knocking down my pile so I cut it up and put it away.
I saw one quilt pattern that took 5,000 2-1/2" squares.
I don't think I'm that brave to make something that large.
 I'm not sure what's going on here.  Derby is sleeping and
Julep is in my sewing chair.  It's time to evict her!
 So I thought if I put my sewing project in my machine
she would move ... but as you can see it didn't phase her.
 My semi-organized mess of fabrics.  Ready to be moved if
we ever sell our house. In the meantime I'm working my way
through various fabric themes to make room for more fabric
when my sister and I get up to Lancaster.
 This is very unusual for Julep.  I guess she is nice and
comfy and that's OK since she's not in my sewing chair.
So ... that's it for today.  I've been working on various fairy
fabric things which I will show you tomorrow.
All the best, Katie

Monday, July 14, 2014

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

 We had a house showing yesterday and had to kill some time
while 'the not so potential prospects' looked through the house. 
Off for a quick lunch at Sonic Burger then we stopped by
 PetSmart for some stimulation ... of the kitty kind.
 Julep really could have cared less about the kitties.
 I had 2 cats pre-westies {named Ruffles & Bows}.   This kitty looks just
like Bows.  Notice the fur standing up on the back & tail?
 Derby would still be trying to get into the kitty area
if I didn't pick him up to 're-focus' his attention.
 Needless to say the westies had a grand old time sniffing
everything in PetSmart.  I was sure Derby was going to 
spend more time going down the pet food aisles looking
for stray pieces of kibble but he was focused on getting to
the dog training area ... which caused some disruption to the class.
Exit PetSmart here!
We purchased one bag of treats - Wilson knew he put them into the car
but we still can't find them ... it's like this bag disappeared into thin air.