Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Remember .... that stack of 'Simply Christmas' from Henry Glass I won

 I had much fun sewing up this holiday collection of fabric.
The Scottie dog shows every piece of fabric in the collection.
I made this as a 'thank you' for Lisa who is the design director
at Henry Glass.  I also sent her the dress below as well as 
the red and white stripe one two pictures down.  
 Lisa sent me a 'thank you' and wrote that when the President of
Henry Glass & Co. saw what I had sent her he asked Lisa if he could
take these as examples when he went on sales calls.
All I can say is ... how cool is that!
 I have successfully used all the fabric and I'm ready
to make a few more holiday quilts while I'm in the mood.

 A doll quilt made with 2-1/2" squares.
 The 'Simply Christmas' collection.
I plan to donate this quilt, the doll quilt, and the two
American Girl dresses to one of the westie rescue auctions.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Westie Monday

 How could anyone think differently!
 Yes ... I'm guilty!
 Grumpy Derby
 Julep out like a light ... until you say the word 'treat'!
 Looking for something ... anything ... to bark at.

 So last night I started to lay this quilt out {again} after
Derby and Julep messed up the first layout.  This afternoon
we received a call that our agents want to show the house
on Tuesday ... so up come the blocks yet again.
I hope one day I'll get to finish it.
There are a lot of folks on the Facebook that love
the color combinations of red, black& white so I'm saving
this one until Xmas to post.  I think it will do well on 
one of the westie rescue auctions.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Do Westies Actually Smile?

 Disclaimer:  These two are NOT Julep & Derby
I spotted this picture on Facebook and if I didn't know better
I would have sworn it was my two ... but it is not.
I'm betting this pair just had their teeth cleaned which may be
something J&D will need soon.  I dread this mainly for the
cost which starts at about $400.00 per dog.
 Derby loves to get Julep to play but she needs to be in the mood.
 Are they smiling behind all that face fur?
Probably not as dogs 'technically' don't smile.
I don't see any smiles here!
Another posture ... Derby trying to get Julep's attention.
He puts his face again hers almost like he's trying to kiss her.  

Keep smiling and have a nice and restful weekend.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bad ... Bad ... Little Westies!

 I'm sorta in a rush this morning due to a quilting guild
meeting ... but wanted to share these pictures from yesterday.
 This WAS a perfectly laid out ... until the westies
decided to make mincemeat out of it.
 Julep thinks she did a much better job re-arranging the
blocks and for that she thinks she deserves a belly rub.

 Julep was in a 'playful' mood if you can call it that.
She picked up one of the blocks between her teeth and
began to shake it all around.  {Have heart attack here!}
 The not-so-innocent.
 I picked up all the blocks for re-pressing.
 Postures for a little more play time.

Have a great day ... off to see fellow quilter-ladies.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Westies Relaxing

It's Sunday morning & the westies are relaxing on the deck.
When I look at Derby in this picture he looks like he's
having a 'zen' moment ... I wonder if he's thinking ... Om
Short meaning of: Om
A mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra.
It appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations,
prayers, and texts.  It's often the first and last sound in your
ears in a yoga class.  
 A view of Derby & Julep's world from the deck.
 I'm not sure what they are looking at in the yard
because I don't see a thing ... maybe it's a lizard!

 Wishing everyone a very relaxing
day ... and ... great week ahead.

Sneaking in a snowball block quilt which is still
a work in progress. This will be donated to a joint
Facebook auction for a westie/scottie rescue.
I think this will do very well for them.

Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm Fabric Dizzy With Excitement ... Henry Glass & Co. ... "Simply Christmas" Collection Arrives!

 I can't help but say once again ... I'm fabric dizzy with excitement!
Henry Glass & Co. had a contest asking which color would
you pair with red and my response was lime green.  I was picked as the
winner of this nice big stack of "Simply Christmas" fabric.
 This nice big bundle of fabric arrived yesterday from New York 
City via Federal Express.  Opening the box was better than
Christmas morning in my opinion.  It's the simple little
fabric things that make me so darn happy.
 Derby {in the background} showing attitude.
He's wondering will there ever be a line of westie fabric.
 I'll admit this is the first thing I ever won.  I'm over-the-moon happy!
 I loved the presentation so it look everything I had to open this bundle.

 I finally broke down and opened the bundle to
fondle all 17 pieces of this new collection.
 To learn about the designer of this line & to
download the suggested project use this link:
 "Simply Christmas"
Mary Jane Carey
Holly Hill Quilt Design
Henry Glass & Co.
 To learn about Henry Glass & Co. use this quick link:
Sign up for ... the Henry Glass Mailing List
Read & follow ... the Henry Glass Blog
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Thank You to
Lisa Loessel, Design Director
for making my day!