Wednesday, April 1, 2015

X Marks the Spot!

I've been working on this quilt for what seems like forever.  
While they don't seem like difficult blocks to make the time consuming 
part was cutting the small westie blocks and pressing the 'x' block seams open flat.
 My buddies keeping me company while I sew.
 The inspector [as usual] checking out my work.
 This quilt is already bigger and more bulky than I'm use to doing
 and I still need to add a border or two to say it's complete.
I have to say I don't like the blue fabric for the border.
So for the border I picked a fabric that came very close in
color red in the tiny paw prints on the blue 'x' fabric.  
For the back fabric ... I'll be looking for wider fabric on my
 shopping trip next week with my sister ... and if you haven't
guessed already I know exactly what store has the best 
selections of wide fabric.  Countdown to Lancaster!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Stepping Out Without The Westies

 Saturday night we stepped out without the westies
to a relatively new restaurant in Royal Oak called 
T at the General Store.  It took some convincing
of the husband before he agreed to give it a try.
 This restaurant is what I would classify as a
neighborhood gem!
 We started with a glass of red wine ... which is
so typical of us ... but they did offer some interesting
cocktails on the drink menu that may warrant
a try next time around.
 For our first course we both ordered a bowl
of tomato Parmesan soup with some warm crusty bread.
 Wilson ordered the pork chop and was totally impressed
with the cooking and taste.  He said this was the best pork chop
ever and for my husband to make a comment like this
 is few and far between ... We will be going back for sure!
 I decided on the tea rubbed chicken breat.  It was moist and
tender and I ate the entire thing which is unusual for me.
 Wilson had poppy seed cheesecake and I had brownies with
ice cream.  I liked his cheesecake better but needless to say
there wasn't a crumb of anything left on our dessert plates.
Overall we truly liked this restaurant a lot.
Our next visit will be for lunch sooner rather than later.
Now it's time to get back to work on my new quilt layout.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

What They Did & What I Did ... Today.

 100% True
 ... What Julep & Derby Did Today...
Looked out the upstairs windows and barked
at every little thing that went by.
I've never seen them so alert. 
 When a rest is needed but they still wanted to look out
the window the sill is at a perfect height for a head rest.
 Taking a short break from the neighborhood watch
they couldn't resist the warm towels from the dryer.
I've given up trying to keep the windows free of
westie nose prints.
 Julep ... resting on ... Derby
 After the warm towel nap it was time to start playing.
These westies play hard and fast.
 From play time to taking another break on the big bed.
 After the big bed nap it was play time again.
I love how Julep has her paw up in the air like
she's waving to Derby.  Really she's ready to swat 
him on the nose.  They love to agitate each other.
 Derby under the table skirt.  This is how they play.
They have their own games, rules and the strangest 
sounds.  It's a riot to watch them.
 Finishing up projects ... finally put the Tidal Pool
quilt together.  I'm not sure what to do with it.  Wilson
really likes it but he said it doesn't match anything
we have.  Little does he know that a quilt doesn't
have to match 'anything' ... a quilt is a quilt!
 This one is so sweet!  It's sized as a baby quilt or even
as a small lap quilt because I wanted to use the fabric
[below] on the back.  I know this will do well on one
of the westie rescue auctions.  I have enough blocks
left over to make a [larger] one with a slightly different
layout ... which will be my Sunday project. 
So ... that's it for now.
Have a great day & thanks for popping by.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Around The Rental

 It's been busy around the rental this past week with tax prep
and talking about building vs. buying a home.  But in all this
crazyness I did manage to finish up this baby quilt.
 Up and down the steps all day with a lot of barking
at the neighborhood dogs.  If this keeps up we may have to replace 
the carpet on the steps from westie wear.
 I thought I was going to get one more picture of
Derby sitting on the quilt ... but he saw Julep
coming in the room and it was attack time.  
 As if they don't get enough activity during the day it has 
been an after dinner practice to play-fight every
afternoon ... then they are out for the rest of the night.
 Made with Michael Miller fabrics, one of my
favorite desigerns.

People love the color combinations of pink/gray/black.
These colors seem to very well in auctions.
 I must have purchased 2 yards of the pink fabric because
I had enough to make another set of blocks.
A break from the rough housing.  I had to laugh when 
I bent down to see Julep looking through the slats of the table.
Well, that's it for today.  Have a great one and thank
for popping in to visit us.

Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Spring ... Right?

 The calendar states today is the first day of spring but
apparently someone didn't tell Mother Nature.
 I think snow is pretty to look at but frankly I've had enough.
 I kept the appointment with the groomers and I'm happy 
with the job she did this time. There are a few little tweaks 
I will make but it's no big deal.
 The girl is showing me attitude because she didn't 
like me leaving her for 4 hours with the groomer-lady.
 I had to say the "T" word {treat} to get her to look at me.
 While the dogs were gone I finished the center section of this quilt.
There is a border & another row of blocks then it's done.
 Scottie pillowcases - standard size.
 More pillowcases - standard size.
Right now I'm doing a Flash Give-a-Way on Facebook to members
We deal with so many health issues that I like to have something
fun for members ever so often.  For this give-a-way all they
have to do is leave a short comment with one thing they
learned by being a part of this group.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Duck Visitors

 We were all excited to see ducks feeding and swimming
in our little swamp behind the house.
 Can you spot the female?

 Wilson and I have named this our very own small
'Dismal Swamp'.  This is protected ground behind our rental
so there will be no attempt to drain this standing water.
I added a link about the Dismal Swamp below.
{many years ago we went thru the swamp on a friends boat}
Scientists believe the Great Dismal Swamp resulted
from the last major shift of the continental shelf
The origin of Lake Drummond, one of only two natural
lakes in Virginia, is not entirely clear.
 Will they stay?  Will they build a nest?
Will we have baby ducks?
 Derby sitting pretty while I take his picture.
I was just getting ready to take another picture and Julep started
barking from the upstairs window.  One sets the other
off and it becomes a real bark-fest around here.
We are hopefully they will get this out of their
systems by the time we move into our permanent home.