Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bayside Quilters ... A Few Member Quilts

 Derby ... loves batting.  For those that don't know batting
is what goes between the front & back fabric in a quilt
'sandwich'.  There are different types but I like 100% cotton.
 Here are a few pictures I took of the outstanding quilts
made by members at the September meeting.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We're Back ... & ... We're So Very Happy

 We're back on the Internet {shout for joy here}.
 Here are the pillowcases going with the Halloween quilts I made grand
kids Kaitlyn and Cole.  I understand the kids want Sarah to 
decorate the house already.
 I said to Wilson, we lost our Internet connection.
I think the westies are looking for it in the yard.
 Julep gave up looking and is now napping.
 After our guild meeting last Wednesday I went to JoAnn's to buy a 
roll of cotton batting. As mentioned [in a previous post] those rolls
cost $275.00.  I had a 40% off coupon plus a added 10% off
because I belong to a Guild.  50% off is ok in my book.  At the check
out the clerk said it's Senior Wednesday and Seniors get 20%
off which is 10% better then your Guild card.   I got 60% off! 
 Something new for J&D to play on and around.

 Those are Derby's paws!
 All play is monitored and they are not hurting each other.

 Sunday we had a small family gathering to have lunch and
celebrate my Dad's birthday.  Doesn't he look great!
 Julep wants cake!  Julep almost knocked that cake
out of Aunt Debby's hands.
 I gave Mom her holiday angel quilt early to enjoy.
The back fabric are angels in a spring theme.  
Have a great day, Katie

Sunday, September 14, 2014

No Internet Connection Sucks!

Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know we will not have
internet connection until the tech comes to pay us a visit
on Wednesday.  I got the brainstorm to see if I could do an update
from my phone of recent pictures of derby. Instead I found
photos from 2013 from my old phone!  

Signing out until then.  Katie

Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Friday!

 The westies are jumping for joy ... it's Friday and it's the weekend.
We'll be going for a big car ride on Sunday ... all the way into
Baltimore to see my parents, sister and to celebrate my Dad's birthday.
 I'm not even mentioning the word 'car ride' until we're
ready to walk out the door.  Nor am I mentioning the word
'bath' which is on the schedule for Saturday.
 Julep stayed in her look out position while I went out on
the deck to take pictures of the clouds.  

 Our view ... soon the pool will be closed for the season.
This makes yet another year we haven't taken a swim.
 See Julep?
 I decided to lay down on the deck and shoot up.  
Derby thought I was crazy when I put my feet up in
the air to take this picture.  I guess I was feeling a little crazy.
 Fall is fast approaching here in Bozman and on Leadenham Creek.
 Giant hay balls ... is what I call them.

They moved the cows to the back field.  On occasion when
I'm driving down our road a cow gets out of their fenced in 
area ... of course I have to make time to go to the farmers house
and bang on the door to tell them they have a run-a-way 
cow.  The last one just laid down in the ditch outside
the fence - they're not the smartest animals on the planet!
... Have a nice weekend ...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Scottie Quilt & Pillow

 I just got finished gluing the lime colored Swarovski crystals
on this pillow.   It's now ready to be added to a combined
Scottie/Westie rescue Facebook auction.  I hope this set does well for them.

 Snowball blocks are fun to make.

I just had to share this picture of Gracie.  She is a Maltese that came
into rescue through Hands, Hearts & Paws.  She is currently on
two meds and is being feed with an eye dropper.  I understand
she is doing better than when first brought in and I pray 
she continues to do so.  I'll be making more sleeping bags out
of flannel (instead of fleece this time) as they tend to get cold.
 I've been told these bags are live savers when dogs are in need of
 transported to the vets ... boy do I have a stack of sewing projects!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What We Did Today

 We started off Sunday morning with the westies begging
me to take their picture ... so I stopped changing the
bed linens, got the camera & started snapping away.
 Derby is giving Julep kisses on her neck ... how cute!
 I have to wonder what he's whispering in her ear.
 Derby posing by himself.

 He is the cutest little westie I've ever seen.  I do believe when
God made Derby he broke the mold.
 Julep ... look at those brown eyes.  I think she
looks more like her Mommy Ming.
 After the westie photo shoot I went back to work
on this new quilt pattern.  I'm not fond of working with
2-1/2" blocks but forced myself to make this quilt
from my over-flowing stash of said block size.

 Here is the simple pattern that I'm following.  This is a
nice book that I borrowed from the local library.
 Pushing me to give them dinner at 4:30p.m.
There is no peace in my sewing area until I
give them what they want - when they want it.
Lesson learned!
 Playing with 2-1/2" squares to make this westie dog block.
Next time I'll make a larger size by adding two additional blocks.

 I still need to add a border or two and this one will be
ready for donation.
What Wilson did today [and for the past 7 days] ... working on 
editing the 7th issue of The Delmarva Review!
He & fellow volunteers went through over a 1,000 submissions
from writers in the United States and beyond.  Publication
date is set for October 1, 2014.