Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Getting Ready For Halloween

 We're in the midst of getting ready for a Halloween dinner
party on Friday night with a few dear friends.

 A festive table set for a party of 8 at 6:00p.m.
The westies got a bath today so they would be 
nice and clean for our dinner guests. 
Julep can't wait until she can taste some of that Tom
Turkey Wilson will be making for dinner.
 In between doing this and that I did manage to
squeeze in a few hours of sewing.

This is the Frozen quilt I just added to the
Westie Meds Facebook auction.  I hope it does well.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

We're Home!

 That little black cat just had to show up one last time to
torment the westies while we were packing up the car.
It was a goodbye bark-fest to the very end on Sunday morning.

 We spotted this pumpkin stand on our way down to the 
Outer Banks and stopped on our way back home for a
few minutes to take a few pictures and let the westies
sniff around.  I could only get 3 small pumpkins for the
table since the car was packed with not an inch to spare.

 I do like the not-so-typical pumpkins colors and shapes.
 Getting back to sewing ... I finished the Frozen pillowcases.
 This quilt is going into the WestieMed Facebook auction in
a few weeks.  This group helps other rescue groups with
financial aid.  
Thanks for visiting and have a great one.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

OBX Day #6 ... Continued

 I decided we needed to leave the westies at home while
we took a quick walk to the beach for picture taking.
Trying to steady a camera while dogs are pulling on
the leash doesn't = good pictures.
 Here are a few pictures from along the way to the beach.

 I used the trick called 'invert color' on my photo software
and this is what I got.  The original was boring ... this one is not!
 Sea Oats at sunset.

 I used the trick to turn a picture into a '60's' look
and this is what I got.  
 The sands of time with a hint of sea foam.
 These guys were far away even with my long lens ... so
I really had to adjust the colors to bring out the pelicans.
 This horse shoe crab isn't going anywhere!

I was getting a little close so he took off for a more secure area.

 These beaches are made for walking ... and that's just
what I'll do ... until one of these day these beaches will
walk all over you ... hahaha ... now you won't be able
to get that song out of your head.
 From our front door the pathway to the beach = 2 seconds.
 Folks in other rentals on our street can park in front of our
rental to access the beach.  Now this VW has personality.
 Our beautiful rental.
They waited very patiently until our return. 
This will be the last posting from Duck ...
in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina.

OBX Day #6

 Vacation week flew right by and it's time to start packing
up the car for our trip back home.
 It's amazing the amount of people who hang out at this little
spot.  This sits on the property across from us which are condo's.
 Sweet smells fill the air all around us.
 I don't know what type of plant this is but it sure
does product an interesting flower.
 By the pool.

 Since I've been sickie-poo my activities have been very
limited ... like to the front deck and back pool area.
 I don't think we'll be taking the westies to walk on the beach.
But we might walk up to the end of the pathway and take
a few pictures.  It's a drag being sick on vacation.
 Boy did we have a lot of strong cold wind come through
after the rain we had.  At least today it's getting back to normal.

 These little birdies are all over the place.  One flew very
close to the deck while I was taking pictures ... it could have
been a westie treat if it came any closer!
We'll be packing up the car with non-essentials today so it
won't be too much on Saturday morning.  The steps in this
house are a killer especially when you have an upper 
respiratory infection.  We will also be heading up to
Coastal Provisioning so Wilson can pick up some prime
steaks to bring back home.  He cooked a 'test' one on the grill
a few nights ago just to be sure it was as good as last time
and it was!